Clovis people found alive and well living along Peace River in Wauchula FL

Photo Courtesy Of Mark Barton
Last Updated: Friday, April 15, 2016, 11:04 AM

Two Lakeland men on fishing trip snap picture of forgotten tribe thought long extinct

Mark Barton and Chris Conner have been fishing the waters along the Peace River almost fifty years. The two frequently lauch their john boat just east of down town Wachula FL to go fishing. The men shot pictures of what many believe to be the Clovis People still living along the shore of the Peace River although thought extinct over 20,000 years ago. Three hours into finshing and "There They Were" said Burton and Connor. There was a whole village of them and they number in the hundreds. They approced our boat throwing spears and stones, they did not look happy with us. We got out of there as quicly as out motor would get us gone. After about an hour and a half we got back to the truck and called 911.

FWC and various peleontologist are on sceen now investigating the encampment that Burton and Conner's stumbled acorss along a small prong of the Peace River just south of Wauchula FL. Public Relations form FWC have yet to call back with comment at this time.